This page celebrates the 100 plus year history of the club, since its founding in 1913. Those years have seen many changes not only in the equipment used by walkers but in general society. Some of the  photographs to the right are taken from the club archives, with the others there to give a flavour of the times. Where possible they have been annotated, but if you have have any insights into any of them please get in touch.


A scrapbook of a tour of Derbyshire in 1921

The first walk by the club was from Etwall. Then linked with Derby via rail. This was important because car owning was not really an option in those days. Of course now the track is out of use and serves as a bridle way. So we walked along it on the centenary. Progress?

Photos of the walk when GDPR is sorted.

The 1926 minutes are hard to read here is a transcript

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Photographs and videos may be taken/recorded at club events. If you do not wish to appear in them make this known to the organiser/camera operator at the time

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